Friday, March 13, 2015

A Few Things I Like

A few of my favorite things.

I love collecting botanical keepsakes and using them for decoration.

Natures décor

Happiness is finding a tree limb on the ground, putting it in water, and it actually blooms.

My son found this beauty while playing in the snow.  Amazing.

The loveliest fiber was delivered to my door. 

It's time to finally learn embroidery properly.

Fresh winter air and coffee...yes, that always makes for a good morning.

A first time wearing this hand me down sweater, hot coffee, and rings that remind me of my Sweetie.

The moon is simply amazing.

Winter is my favorite season.

I love reading to my children.  Especially good stories.

Be still my heart.  My youngest, beautiful daughter.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm sure we will have one here.



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