Sunday, May 10, 2015

We're Still Here

There's been lots of living going on around our parts.  I love looking back at the memories that we can keep in photos.  It's so special.

Our second oldest boy did something very special.  Our oldest two boys both really love the Harry Potter series and we purchased the oldest a wand for his birthday in March.  Honestly, I expected jeaulously.  Instead of being jealous of his brother he began searching outside for acceptable sticks to carve into wands.  And to take a bit further, he not only found one for himself, but he found some for his younger siblings as well.  He's still waiting for his busy dad to get him sand paper.  I just love when my children show thoughtful care for each other.  I love how creative this idea was too.

I finally made dolls.   Yeah!!  This has been on my list for ages.  At first it was planned to make them along with the children, but the stuffing part deemed to be harder than we thought and they got disinterested and were a little happy that I finished them myself.  They aren't very good and I only made the faces from color pencils because of time.  Right now they are dressed as the 3 wise boys and Adam & Eve because it was their contribution for a Sunday school project.  I plan to embroider faces and make them clothes that the children can dress and have fun with them.  It's a start to doll making.  A very rough start.

We made rainbow crayons.  This was the first time some of the little ones had made them and they were a hit.  We'll be making more of these with different shapes in the future.

The little archeologist went hunting for "fossils".

We painted eggs.  They were actually Styrofoam eggs that were really cheap.  I thought I wouldn't like them, but they were pretty nice.  I plan to get more.

And there were epic games of matching old maid.  Because you have to run out of the room screaming in terror when you flip her card over.

We made a complete mess (as usual)  with games, books, and art supplies.

On our trip back to Michigan my sister made me the nicest bag.  She recycled a pair of thrifted denim jeans.  It is by far the best bag I've ever had.  I love it. 
Of course I sat on the passenger side knitting and enjoying the driver side view the entire way there and back.  Smile.

There were big brothers helping little brothers read.

And sisters too.

And a couple "just the girls" trips.
And there's been hugs, oh so many hugs and kisses with this lovely boy of ours.
I've been away s long of I put everything that's happened you'd be tired of reading.
We've been good and it's good to be back in this space.
Happy Mother's Day!


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