Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Love Being a Mama

I finally found a gluten free play dough recipe that is really nice. 

The recipe I used is this one.  We're going to be using this one for a long time.

We have been finding the sweetest stories at the library lately.  Ironically, there has been so many knitted garments on the characters.  I really love these pictures in this one.

We also really enjoyed Mossy.   There were also two other books that I can't recall the titles, but in the end there was girl with a house full of cats with knitted sweaters and a cup of tea beside her chair and another with a bear that had a sewing machine and knitting area right in the middle of the forest.  I think I love them as much as the children do (or more).

One reason why I love homeschooling is because for something's learning is such a natural way of life it doesn't feel like a lesson at all.  Like this little guy who heard his mama say that it was time to sing the calendar song and change the calendar.  He ran and got his "pointer" and began dancing and singing his baby babble.  It was really funny and encouraging.  After all the negativity I've gotten I love moments like this.  No matter how small.

This little fella is reading at a rapid rate and his sister is follow behind.  He says, "I LOVE to read."  He reads every book he sees.  We went to a used book store after the dentist and the other 4 little ones were playing with legos, but he was part in the kids book area with three books on his lap reading them back and forth.  Love!

I love this little bunch.  I really love how the oldest one can be so mature and then they all get together with imaginary play or games and they play so nicely together.

It's good to be a mama.


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