Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little Detectives

I love my children's imaginations.  It's so fun to watch them get into character.  Of course if they include me I play along right with them.  The other day we watched Ace Wonder and Jabari thought it was the coolest show ever.  So of course when I went to a church that was giving away free clothes and found these cute little hats and sweaters it was time for he and Aki to go and catch the bad guys.

Later in the day they were calling each other Holmes and Watson.  I didn't even know that they knew about those two.  I'm glad they were having fun without needing a new toy or needing to go some place.  It was really sweet to watch them.  They played for hours it seemed.
And yes they are wearing sweaters in July.
I love being a mama.  As tired as it makes me sometimes and as challenging as it may be.  I truly do enjoy this task of mine.

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