Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just Because

Because we really like this body wash.

Because uninstalled baby gates makes for the best place to dry fresh painted art.

Because fat babies in mama made wool shorties are so incredibly adorable.

Because the Woolen Rabbit is a wonderful online shop.

Because learning gets messy sometimes.

Because when I need chairs and they're five bucks each - I buy them - ALL of them.

Because we have a cassette player in our van. 

Because this sweet baby can eat his "eeeeh" (translation: Cheese) all by himself.

Because he likes birds and his drawings of them are just wonderful.

Because today she is "Kungfu Mastah".  Big emphasis on the "aaahhh" sound.

Because pretty journals and sketch books are a must for me.

Because outdoor kitchens are so much fun.

Because on Wednesday's when daddy and the others are gone, mama and the two smallest bunnies get special treats.  Half hot chocolate + half cold milk and whip cream makes a drink that she calls "Great!".

Because one empty coffee cup + big brother not being next to him to take it away makes another great "drink".

 Because he is one of the best big brothers I know.

Because I have made thousands of these.

Because they need to make thousands of these.

Because this is why we have a new pencil sharpener.

Because when mama needs to treat herself sometimes she goes to TJ Maxx.  Yes I do love TJ Maxx.

Please leave a comment and a link if you would like to post some memories of your own "Just Because."


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  1. Had a laugh when I saw the chairs, I do the same thing ! We have 5 kiddos so I totally understand ;)