Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy Fun

Today was a busy, but good day.  While the bigger boys worked on math and grammar in the morning all the littles continued our nature study from yesterday.

They traced leaves and it found it to be pretty fun.  It was so cute to see how they were so happy and surprised when the leaves began to appear.  Yesterday they painted pictures of the leaves with water color.  I brought in two sets of leaves and asked them to tell me what the difference was between the two.

They dug for "fossils", made "fossils", and labeled "fossils" for a museum on the kitchen counter. 

I have been also been wanting to make a fossil box outside for them.  I wanted wood and sand and special pieces for "fossils", but after the sort of revelation I got for myself about just living and being right where I am in the moment I had the thought that it doesn't have to be perfect.  The point is for the children to have fun at home and create a good memory.  So I used what I had on hand and it was a hit.  If I get the supplies that I really wanted later I'll change it, but for now this is good enough.

There was mud pies and mud muffins in the outdoor kitchen.  Which of course resulted in everyone stripping out of their clothes in the laundry room and changing before 12:00, but what fun they had.

Then we were off to visit the alpacas.

We had a really nice time.  The brown alpaca in the picture was so funny.  He stayed by us the entire time and wouldn't leave.  They also sold maple syrup and we went into the house with all the machines and where they house all of the syrup.  I was more worried that our curious little baby would knock over those beautiful syrup bottles because his mommy has no money in her purse to replace them.  Ahhh!  And yes, my second oldest son smiles like that on purpose.  He thinks it's clever.  You gotta be 12 I guess. : )

I love homeschool because you can take a spur of the moment field trip in the middle of the day for free.  We ended the trip by exchanging books at the library.

I love being a mama to this gorgeous bunch!


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