Thursday, June 11, 2015

I love being a mama

Okay so I think I'm comfortable enough to use names on my space now.  If they disappear after this post then that means I panicked again. 

The weather has been nice so Mekhi has been able to do what he loves so!!

Marquice had me take him to the store today so that he could purchase himself a beginning set of carpenter tools.  He's interested in building things and creating with wood.  He was so proud of himself.  Mama was too!

There's is a craft bin at the my local thrift store and I've been coming across some really nice yarn.  The first one is obviously acrylic, but it's really nice. The second one is a blend of acrylic, wool, and mohair.  I'm not generally a fan of mohair.  I don't really like my yarn to be fury, but this was really pretty and there was 5 skeins of it.  All of the yarn in the bin is $.99 or less.  I just soaked it in lukewarm water with a little gentle soap, rug the water out, and let it dry on a towel on the kitchen counter.  I usually don't like to buy yarn when I don't have a specific project, but when I never know when I'll have free money and there's pretty yarn staring at me for $.99 each it would be sort of silly not to get it.  It just takes a little more work to find a project for it.

We made rock candy.  Does anyone have any idea how to make it on a stick?  That would be much better for the actual eating part.


It appears that Jabari's bird interest is spreading to a few others in the family.  There are tons of birds that flock in our backyard at a certain time of day.  It was pretty loud there the other day and tons of robins were everywhere.  Jabari knew that something was happening so he crept quietly outside with Aki to listen and observe.  The next day Aki and Hadashie found robins egg shells on the ground beneath the tree.  It appears that the entire family had been invited to the hatching of the new little family members.  How sweet.

Mekhi grew tired of Butterscotch, the hamster, and Tassia and Hadashie couldn't bare to see her be given away or returned to the pet store so.........they are now the proud owners of a hamster INSIDE of their very own bedroom.  So far it has gone quite well and Hadashie seems to tolerate her well even when touching her.  I thought it was so cute that they wanted her for their own.  I haven't agreed yet to let them close the door and let her run around their room.  I just don't see that turning out very well.

Here us Hadashie's chosen yarn and a cardigan that she drew for me.  She's very specific about how she wants the fit, closure, sleeves, and neck.  I better get started.  That girl of mine.  I thought this was so nice because that lets me know she likes mama made items.

Oh this makes my heart melt.  Brothers eating Popsicles and talking on the back steps.  They never knew I was there.  Love.

When the bigger ones go to activity clubs on Wednesday nights I get to spend special time with this little tiger lily and her baby brother.  I like that because it seems she going through a phase right now where she needs special mama attention.  I love this little girl.

These two have each other wrapped around each others finger.  "Let brotherly love continue."

I hope you're having a wonderful week.


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