Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nature, Giving, and Other Stuff





There has been lots of lovely nature blooming outside.  By the water where Mekhi likes to go fishing is a veterans memorial park.  They've planted the nicest flowers there.  Our back yard and the house that's empty and for sale next door has a very strangely shaped back yard.  There's stuff growing  everywhere.  I really like the idea of different types of flowers and plants growing every where to identify and look at.  Today, due to the rain as of late I assume, there were gorgeous mushrooms in the back that we hadn't seen before.  The younger ones and I ran out to get a closer look.  The girls were so happy to pick a few buttercups for me.
I also finally started to make little woodland furniture for a bookshelf turned doll house that we have in the living room.  I like most of the toys to stay upstairs in bedrooms, but I also like there to be downstairs toys in the living area also.  I've always wanted one of those woodland doll houses that I see online, but can't afford.  I decided I could make it for them and I'm happy that JoAnne Fabric had glue guns on sale this week.
I'm also happy that I have a few plants for the children and I to plant.  I usually kill everything so I just got a few herbs and two tomato plants.  The basil began to droop in the kitchen window so I put them outside.  I figured letting them thrive in nature even before they are planted would probably be a better idea.  Marquice is going to make a garden box with wood.
I finished another pair of Rye socks.  I really like this pattern it is so easy follow.  It is definitely my go to sock pattern.  As I said before I want to start giving more so these are waiting to be given to my niece when she arrives this weekend.  I do hope she likes them.
I purchased milk from a new store this week.  The bottles are glass and they come in a little carrier.  After the milk is all gone you return them to the store and you get $.50 towards a new bottle.  I really like this idea because with all the milk we go through I just hated throwing away all of those milk jugs.  I would find use for some of them, but storing all of the jugs we used for later just wasn't practical.
Mekhi found the most amazing snail shell on the way home from the farmers market last week.  Things like that are so special because you don't come across them very often. 
I am making slow, but progress at weaning Sebastian.  It started off pretty rough. He wasn't so miserable during the day that I decided to do it gradually instead of all at once.  It's always hard on me as well because oh do I love to nurse a baby.  It's just the sweetest bond ever between mama and baby.  I always have to fight feelings of sadness and tears every time.  Then I think stuff like, "This could be my last baby.  Maybe I shouldn't do it."  I had a little break between Tassia and Sebastian and I kept thinking to myself that she probably was the last one and I should have kept nursing her.  I was wrong, but yet I'm struggling with the same thoughts.  I'm just not ready to be finished nursing babies.  Oh he's just so darned cute!
I hope you're having a good week.

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