Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Turtles and Moccasins

So I'm still knitting away on my Dottie.  Please forgive me, by the way, my ravelry page hasn't been updated in forever.  It's on my list.  Really it is.  I decided after I finished three projects that I had been working on all at the same time that it would be more enjoyable to work on one project at a time.  That way I won't feel like I'm taking forever to finish a project and I just have a theory that I probably will be able to make more things if I do this.  I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it's much more enjoyable this way and I get the satisfaction of a finished project much faster.

Yes that's my Sweetie on top of a roof.  Gasp!  The children and I were going to a thrift store that is literally in a house around the corner.  We were approaching a car and noticed it was daddy's car.  I was looking around trying to see which house he was working on and when I looked up he was waving from a roof.  Good Lord!  I know that's part of his job, but to see him up there (with stitches in his ear from falling 8 feet through a deck last week) I just about panicked.  I immediately started praying.  Tassia, our 3 year old, said "I can't look." and turned her head the other way with a real sober look on her face.  I thought it was cute and oh so true at the same time.

If you look closely there is a painted turtle in the corner of this box.  The box was handmade by Mekhi.  I'm so proud of him.  I also tell my children that it's good to know how to work with your own hands.  Especially if it's a special interest of theirs.  We were driving on our way home today and we saw it on the side of the road.  Of course I turned the van around, stopped in the middle of the road, turned on my hazard lights, and Mekhi jumped out and picked it up.  Yes.  That's the type of family we are.  I just love it.  He had actually built this box for frogs that he and Jabari had planned to catch, but found that it made the perfect turtle paradise.

I do love moccasins and I've found the cutest pair for Sebastian at the flee market by our house.  They were only $5.  They had several pair in all sizes from small infant to adult.  He said he would only charge me $10 for the adult pairs, but I couldn't afford them.  These are definitely real leather.  The woodland fabric that I bought for him will be just darling with these.  I have to hurry and sew the overalls I want to make him.

More mud pies.  The outdoor kitchen that I had for them, which was just a wooden table, got completed ruined by the rain.  I'm waiting for my husband to bring large bricks to place wooden planks on.  Hopefully this works.  I must say that waiting for a new kitchen has not slowed the mud dinners in anyway.  I love the imagination of these children of mine. 

Oh I just love when one sister doesn't feel so well the other one takes it upon herself to take care of her.  Tassia is reading Hadashie a story.  Of course all she can read is the Hop on Pop part and she makes the rest up, but my heart just melts when I see this.  It makes me forget about all the fights they do have. Smile.

Have a great day!


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